FACEBOOK-A powerful social networking toll to spread a brand or a concept
The Facebook users count across the world indicates the power of social networking for any product or person. Facebook has emerged as a one stop solution for various brands or individual to seek popularity with their Facebook pages in no time. The larger the Facebook likes, the greater the popularity.Moreover,the social networking toll spreads the wave of a new product launch, brand revamp, new advertisement, creative activity, new buzz in entertainment with a very fast pace thereby helping the brands gain initial momentum quickly.

Facebook introduced the option of Facebook likes in the timelines of Facebook profile of various users or brands to analyze the attraction or acceptability of a particular individual or brand amongst the subscribed Facebook community. Various organizations and individual around the old have formed communities on Facebook pages thereby linking interested audience together. Any new update in the community is flashed on the timelines of other users as well and the moment someone gives their Facebook likes to particular post of that community, the number of likes keeps o increasing accordingly. This could help the community to analyze various pots being flashed on a regular basis and revamp the same. Any new product launch, party get together, invitation can be done with the help of Facebook community pages to which unlimited number of Facebook users can join to in order to make that
particular brand or party or invitation a popular one.

There are more than 100 crore Facebook users as on date across the world thus providing a wide pool of analysis on the activities and communities the users are hooked on to with the help of their Facebook likes. Facebook has this created a revenue stream b providing the brand or product a targeted audience which could yield fruitful results through quick acceptance of the product or brand and help the product or brand gain feedback son the same. Facebook as an organization gain revenue through ads marketing on various profile ages of users as per their interest and through revenue sharing models with brands to
endorse them amongst targeted Facebook user base. In order to create a new Facebook page with a new product, the user needs to specify the details of the audience which needs t be targeted. Accordingly Facebook will review the count of users matching the requirements and will furnish a suitable count of the same and help in spreading the brand news or product launch news amongst the user base thereby helping the brand or product gain popularity instantly with Facebook likes and comments on the
timelines of the Facebook pages of the brand or the product

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